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Get a free makeover

Now you can get a free makeover from me, famous beauty blogger Patty Pasadena! I run one of the biggest free beauty tips web sites on the internet and I know hundreds of makeup tricks. I am privy to all the celebrity beauty secrets and I can help you see how to look more beautiful. All you have to do is send me a digital picture following the steps outlined below, and I will make over and retouch your makeup, wrinkles and even apparel showing you how to look ten years younger or more. The right makeup application and fashion can make all the difference in the world, especially if you are a woman over forty, fifty or sixty.

Get a makeover

In order to play, you’ll need to send me an email including your picture and a short message telling me what you hope to achieve or learn from this makeover. Do you want to look younger, copy a celebrity makeup look, get a natural beauty look, or just change your look for the better?

I also need you to indicate in the email that you are granting me permission and rights to use the photograph before and afters on my beauty web sites in exchange for the free makeover. Makeover before and after photographs will be shown on my beauty web sites. I place my beauty site logo on all makeover images yet I cannot be held liable if the makeover image is taken or copied from my beauty web sites without permission. Don’t worry your name and email are not made public, just the before and after photograph is published. I publish my own makeover pictures (of myself) on my beauty sites and blogs and I have fun with it.

Single? Your makeover picture will work great for use on an internet dating profile

If you are single and dating you can use your made over, retrouched picture for your internet dating profile. Having an attractive profile picture that enhances your natural beauty can attract men. I’ll give you a photo that makes you look like a million dollars! You can use the touched up photograph for internet dating or for your facebook or LinkedIn account. I gaurentee you’ll be able to apply your makeup more effectively to enhance your eyes, face, lips and natural beauty after you see what I suggest.

Steps to a free makeover

To request a free makeover just write me, being sure to include the following information in an email. If I think your makeover would be a good fit for my site I will do it. Please understand that I do these makeovers myself, and as I get more requests for makeovers I may not be able to do them all. I cannot make a gaurentee however I try to do the best I can. I will let you know if your photo is selected. Come on ladies, let’s play some grown up makeover games!

  • 1. photograph from a digital camera
  • 2. tell me what you hope to achieve
  • 3. your age
  • 4. permission for me to use before and afters on my web sites

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