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Makeover before and after photos, 50 year old woman with natural looks

Makeover before and after. The bare essentials beauty secret of this anti-aging Hollywood makeover are ...

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This makeover is of a fifty year old woman. The photograph made it a little difficult to do a reasonable make over. The view of her face is not the best and she has no make up on in bad lighting. She has pale skin and clearly stays out of the sun and takes care of her skin. But at 50 and over, the wrinkles will start to show. In the before photograph, I felt she was just too natural looking, without hardly any makeup on. In the after photograph I added some makeup.

Her eyes are showing aging, looking heavy in the upper lids. Since she does not seem to be the type that would get plastic surgery, she can use a few makeup tricks to minimize the signs of aging eyelids. She needs mascara, and alot of it. I added mascara. I also added a bit of taupe eyeshadow and lined her inner lower lid with a soothing brown.

Her foundation was non existent, and up close you could see some blood vessels on her skin. I think she could get better coverage with a liquid foundation and a mineral makeup powder. Her face is very pale and more color would help. She could gently line her lips in a natural color for a fuller lip illusion.

Her eyebrows were too out of control, and thicker towards the center. She could streamline her eyebrows and give them more polish by thinning them out along the top and bottom and keeping the long hairs trimmed neat. She could use shadow with a makeup brush to fill in her sparser brow areas without going too heavy.

She has gorgeous hair for a woman of fifty! It’s thick and lustrous. I like the smoothness, though she could either let it dry naturally, hot roller it, blow it dry with a round brush, or use a round barrel curling iron to add wave. She desperately needs to get some hair draping in front of her eyes to soften her forehead and get rid of the helmet hair look! She can flush up her hair and let it swing a little more naturally such as in the inset model photo suggested at lower right. By letting her hair hang looser she would effectively hide a slight receding and scalp showing at the part. She should learn how to touch up her roots at home so she can conceal incoming gray hair.

The black eyebrows, black glasses and black shirt are just too black and detract from her natural beauty. I turned the glasses to brown. Her neckline could be opened up a bit, it’s just too harsh, though it probably is a cold weather photo. It is not a great photograph and I suspect she’s way more attractive in real life.

She needs to play up the va-voom-ness of her totally gorgeous hair and not have it be so flat on the head. She could do bangs or soft curls. She needs to polish up her makeup because she is just too washed out and plain jane in the before photograph. She needs to move the control from her hair to her makeup! A more polished makeup look brings out her eyes and features.

My advice for her is to take even more advantage of the amazing hair and get it to cascade and flow over her face for more of a peekaboo instead of severe look. The front of her hair is too plastered down and some bangs or a few layers (as shown in inset photo) would really look good. Her tightly covered neck line is also severe and makes her face look a bit heavier than it should. She could whiten up the teeth for a little pizaaz. She looks really good for being fifty and is just not taking advantage of her hair and skin. Mascara should become her best friend to bring out her eyes and downplay the wrinkles that come with being 50 and not into plastic surgery.

Get neat with the makeup and eyebrow shaping, utilize mascara to make the eyes pop, and get way sexier by working that god given head of hair to your advantage!

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