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Makeover Cindy Margolis

Makeover before and after. The bare essentials beauty secret of this anti-aging Hollywood makeover are ...

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Here is an example of a really gorgeous face and body Hollywood style makeover with Cindy Margolis. She transformed her look from average brunette girl to knockout blond bombshell with her own self motivation. A nose job, lightening her hair to gold and growing it out, well tweezed eye brows, a fabulous fit figure, and a golden tan truly transformed this woman! Not only was her picture downloaded by millions, she became a spokemodel and appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine in her forties!

Cindy Margolis started her modeling career when she created business cards of herself posing in lingerie for a business class in college. The cards generated interest in her and she began modeling. Through her own self modeling and promotion, she became widely known as the most downloaded person on the internet. Her picture was downloaded some 70K times in just a day! She went on to become famous with gigs like Price is Right, appeared on Howard Stern and gracing the cover of Playboy magazine after forty.

In photographs number 1 and 3, you can see that she was initially an average looking Jewish girl from the Valley. Through her own initiative she slowly transformed herself into a blond bombshell as the pictures demonstrate. She clearly had a nose job, rhinoplasty, which made her face look more structured, polished and model like. While her new nose is somewhat thin, it really does look becoming on her. She also most likely had breast implants and obviously did alot of work on her fabulous figure to keep it in bikini shape.

Her nose and also her eyebrows are changed the most. Her hairy eyebrows were weighing down her face and in her bombshell transformation they look more precise and polished, and much thinner. Normally fake blondes don’t look that good when they have brown eyes, but she really pulls off the look. Part of it is that she left her hair somewhat golden blonde (rather than white blonde). The golden blonde color ties in with her brown eyes and she keeps a light brown well tweezed brow. Her golden tan finishes off the ultra California babe look. All told, her makeover is stellar and she looks fabulous as a middle aged woman. She seems to have a pretty nice personality to boot and her photographs were alway fun and campy. Her upbeat personality may have helped her success.

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