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Makeover Elizabeth Hurley

Makeover before and after. The bare essentials beauty secret of this anti-aging Hollywood makeover are ...

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This Hollywood makeover of Elizabeth Hurley is incredible! From picture number one, you can see that Hurley was naturally pretty when younger. Her huge thick eyebrows however, were the main distraction to her look. In number two it shows her in a punk rock phase in the eighties. She obviously did not have more fun as a blond with fried hair and roots.

In picture number three you can see the beginnings of her high fashion makeover. The replacement of the too tight disco dress with a more high fashion sexy red dress and plunging neckline makes a huge difference. Also, her bam bam pebbles pony tail hair style is replaced with silky natural locks and a golden tan, and no thick dark brows. In number four, you can see a big difference in her formerly thin lips to the left and plumper lips to the right.

Photos 5, 6, and 7 show Hurley’s arrival into top high fashion. She looks completely beautiful. Her looks are maximized. She does not look to have done too much plastic surgery or modifications to her face. Her eyebrows being tweezed and shaped along with slight plumping of the top lip makes her look so much better!

Hurley is a good example of how sexy clothes that maximize your beauty can make a big difference. She upped her fashion from nightclub skimpy to Hollywood glamour. You might recall she made a big splash wearing a fashion forward safety pinned dress at a red carpet event years ago. She has managed to remain in the spotlight and has graced dozens of high fashion magazine covers. Her medium length chestnut hair always look healthy, well trimmed and nice.

Hurley’s makeup is always done in good taste. She tends to keep a pretty natural look, and on special occasions she turns it up a notch and gets a good Elizabeth Taylor made up look going with the deeper lipstick color. It’s no wonder that she has had an association with cosmetics giant Estee Lauder for decades. She really did a great transformation of her looks. She is a quite beautiful older woman!

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