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Makeover Holly Madison

Makeover before and after. The bare essentials beauty secret of this anti-aging Hollywood makeover are ...

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This fashion makeover follows reality show celeb Holly Madison from ordinary brunette girl next door to her large breasted and blonde plastic Hollywood & flashy Las Vegas persona. Holly Madison fashioned herself over to Playboy bombshell and reality show success with a combination of peroxide, breast implants, facial plastic surgery, and a new fashion statement. Her bubbly personality and friendly demeaner certainly contributed to her successful makeover. While her style is not classically beautiful, she did manage to catapult her looks from ordinary to celebrity.

Looking at photograph 1, Holly Madison actually looked quite attractive with her classically brunette hair. Early on she bleached it blonde and it has always looked damaged and untouchable since, though it does fit the classic blonde bombshell style she was going for. White blonde hair tends to clash with brown eyes. As you can see from the examples the platinum hair can make a woman look older than her real age since it dries it out and takes away the youthful softness from repetitive hair dye damage. Holly looks to be a woman in her thirties or forties, not in her twenties when some of these pictures were taken. Nonetheless, the blonde hair is the classic barbie blonde look Holly was clearly striving for, and she does fit the image she was creating.

In photograph 2, 3, and 4, you can see that Holly’s makeup was amateur at first. Her eyebrows were over tweezed too thin, and her lips were colored too dark. She was doing little to enhance her eyes and without soothing brown eye shadow her eyes had an unmade up surprised look. Before her makeup makeover, her eyes only had mascara and looked too nude. Holly had a bit of a homely nose and chin prior to her extreme makeover also. Her nose was a bit witchy as was her bumped chin. It looks like she had some judicious plastic surgery and her post makeover rhinoplasty nose and smoother looking chin look really pretty.

In photos 5 and 6, you can see Holly go through a few growing pains. In her early years of reality show notoriety, she went a little over the top with the orange fake tan, breasts on a platter showing too obvious implant cleavage, and douche bag loud patterned clothes. In photograph 7 though, you can see that she actually adopted a little bit of a campy kooky style and stuck with it. The baseball cap and the knee high athletic socks become her signature look. Yes, it’s a bit campy, but its also her personal style and tied in with her inviting personality.

Photograph 8, as compared to 9 and 11, show her marked change from ordinary looking pale skin blonde girl to playboy girlfriend of Hugh Hefner. With her workout video and reality show popularity, she became a personality in her own right. The two photos at bottom right show that she has settled comfortably into her tanned, blonde, hair extension, glamour type style over the years. While the tanned blonde, plastic look can be aging and fits only a certain charicature of beauty that is less than natural, Holly clearly accomplished her goal of making herself over into a celebrity personality. She looks really good. Her personality is super sweet and thats her biggest asset of all.

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