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Makeover Jennifer Lopez

Makeover before and after. The bare essentials beauty secret of this anti-aging Hollywood makeover are ...

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Often nicknamed J.Lo, the American singer demonstrates a fabulous makeover from average looking to stunning. If you look at photograph number one, Lopez looks attractive but rather average. She has a more ethnic nose and her eyebrows and hair look darker and somewhat harsh. Her body also was not in stellar condition with a thicker waist.

Over time with the right styling Jennifer Lopez transformed into a very beautiful woman. While some plastic surgery may have been involved to trim her waist, slim her nose and enlarge her breasts, most of her fabulous makeover is from style and the right makeup.

In number 2 Lopez is becoming sexier with her portrayal of Selena, yet her dark hair and lips aren’t superstar looking on her. In number 3 you see her without makeup, proof positive of the dramatic effect the right hair style and makeup can have on a woman.

Photo number 4 shows how at left, the dark hair, dark brow, and dark red lipstick are not doing JLo justice. She looks far more spectacular at right where her hair is lightened with caramel highlights and her shaped brow is softened also to a more caramel brown instead of dark brown. Most importantly, look at her makeup! The focus is more to her eyes with enhancing natural tan eyeshadow and black mascara. Her paler lips look more natural and make a huge, huge difference in her beauty. JLo looks far better at right. The whiteish eyeshadow at left is very unflattering to her eyes and improve 100% at right. The softening of the hair, brow and makeup really make over her looks.

Again in number 5, she is transformed from pasty and ghostly, to a sun blessed goddess at right. The white makeup at left is unflattering as is the dark red lipstick. At right again as in with 4, the caramel lighter tone turns her fabulous.

Number 7 shows her on an album and magazine cover where she has really come into her own beauty. The cover showing her figure tells us that she put alot of work into her body and transformed it from where it was in photo 1. She has curves and is not too thin and it looks good. Her transformation from harsh brown hair brows and red lipstick to golden caramel hair highlights, lighter lipstick and brows and a sunkissed skin tone is great. This shows how the right hair coloring and makeup combination can amp your look up big time. She looks just incredible now.

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