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Makeover Lindsay Lohan

Makeover before and after. The bare essentials beauty secret of this anti-aging Hollywood makeover are ...


I love Lindsay Lohan regardless of any bad press she has recently received. I do however, love her much better with the deeper auburn hair as it matches more closely to her authentic coloring. As you can see in Photograph #1, Lindsay went with blond highlights when she was still pretty young. The highlights, in our opinion, really changed the coloring of her face and washed it out a little bit.  It is not flattering her.

Eventually, the blond ambition took over her completely and she was fully bleached blond. This made her hair look damaged and fried out. The blond color goes all the way to the roots and clearly clashed with her natural complexion, making her look older than she really is. Notice that she lightened the eyebrows to match the hair, but that didn’t match the skin either. Most women who bleach their hair try to create a contrast to the ever whiter hair by then tanning their skin too much.  The result you have then developed is depicted in photograph #3, where her self-tanner and bronzer is too obvious and splotchy, giving her the look of a woman twice her age.

In photograph #4, we see the gorgeous, sexy and beautiful Lindsay back to her natural coloring. Yeah!  Her skin is simply radiant, the eyebrows and hair match perfectly, and there is absolutely no wash out effect from the blonde.  She looks young and vibrant. What you have is the beautiful woman she really is. Amazing. Notice how the subtle pink lips look great even though her top lip is on the thinner side. It looks natural and piquant and no fish lips are needed.

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In photograph #5, she has the same gorgeous auburn hair which looks completely incredible with her facial features and skin tone. In this photograph she has more of an evening look with a smokier eye, and more lip color. Still just absolutely gorgeous. Finally, photograph #6 shows a more airbrushed magazine photograph of Lindsay with the hair that compliments her best, which is auburn.

Ladies learn from this mature makeover, dyeing the hair blond must be done with care. You can easily go from gorgeous to completely washed out as did Lindsay. Celebrities make this mistake all the time, be it for blond ambition or movie roles they take on that require new hair color.  As you can see, the deeper natural reddish color is way more flattering for Lindsay. I wish she would go to auburn and stay that way, since she looks like a Hollywood movie star such as Ann Margret. I just love Lindsay Lohan with auburn hair. This mature makeover should show you that having the right hair color and staying true to your natural skin and complexion tones, can really make you look your best. Love.

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