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Makeover Paris Hilton

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Her makeover turned her from a New York socialite into a world wide fashion model and personality with her own perfume. Paris Hilton is an american socialite heiress, media personality, one time singer, model and actress. The term celebutante was coined after her, meaning that she rose to fame because of her wealth and lifestyle but not because or her talent or work.

Paris did have talent though, as she used fashion and a makeover of herself to get her onto magazine covers and into Hollywood. She sells perfumes, handbags and shoes, has authored several books and branded her image by making herself over from a cute brunette youngster into a blonde sex kitten. She became a muse for Hollywood gossip blogger Perez Hilton and pictures of her party girl jet set lifestyle flooded the gossip web sites. One could argue that her original brunette beauty was more authentic than the tan, bleach blonde, blue contact lense look. Yet, it is the over the top transformation that put Paris on the map.

Photograph 1 shows the young Paris Hilton. As you can see she was a very cute brunette girl with dark brown eyes. She was very attractive and her looks as a younger girl were similar to those of the beautiful Ivanka Trump. As you can see in photograph 2 she started getting into more flambouyant fashion trends, clothes and blonder hair.

Photo 3 shows her makeover from a brunette girl into a tanned blonde bombshell. Her beauty transformation to blonde starlet sent this socialite to fame. As you can see in photos 4 especially, she soon started to take the look way too far. For a time, she looked way older than her years. She was too tanned, her hair was too fried blonde and damaged with fake hair extensions, and she looked like a middle aged woman.

Looking at photograph 5, Paris seemed to take it back a notch. She went from the wild and crazy Las Vegas party girl wearing obvious makeup to a more demure look again. Photo 6 shows her at the top of her game, looking fabulous. While some naysayers viewed Hilton as a flash in the pan, she did ascend to being on many a fashion magazine cover, see photos near 7. She graced covers from People to Elle to Vogue, to name a few. She also appeared in the infamous Carl’s Junior sexy burger commercial, not to mention her zany reality tv stint with friend Nicole Richie. She worked her looks, image and socialite status to the max and achieved some fame from her mousy brunette to blonde bombshell self achieved makeover.

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