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Makeover Paula Abdul

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Let’s look at Paula Abdul’s beauty makeover over time. Her hair makeup and clothes have always been a bit over the top yet over time we see her attraction maximized when she has softened up her style. If you look at various photos of Paula Abdul over the last few decades, you will probably agree that the softer her makeup and fashion style, the better she looks.

Abdul went from being a Los Angeles cheerleader to a pop music star, to a judge on the show American Idol. She now sells everything from records to ringtones to cardio dance exercise videos. Her nationality is Jewish. As we look at Paula Abdul’s pictures we can see how her look changed from being harsh to softer.

As you can see in photo 1, Paula was a somewhat homely ordinary looking girl. As she went through her cheerleading phase she had a fantastic bubbly personality yet she adopted a rather loud garish sense of style that made her look pageanty and much older than her years. Although it was the look of the times, if you look at photo 2 her big hair, too tanned skin, and sequenned sleezy clothes were too much.

At her worst, Abdul was reputed to have had serious drug abuse problems and in her Ladies Home Journal interview she told that she attended the La Costa Resort and spa to recover from addiction to pain medications. Her face is somewhat masculine to begin with and the harsh fashion and makeup application combined with a partying lifestyle did her looks little good.

You can see in photo 3 her heavy clad jewelry just aged her. Likewise, in photos 4 she is shown with too much of a tan and too much bronzer around her nasolabial folds and mouth. The dark makeup really ages her and there is little contrast from hair to eyebrows to makeup to skin. She just did not look that great in this era.

Though still tacky with the orange lipstick, Paula does look sexy and hot in photograph 5. For one thing, in photo 5 Paula has gotten rid of the too short helmut hair bangs for a longer swide swept bangs look. Her nose job also looks great – you can clearly see her rhinoplasty plastic surgery difference looking at photo 1 then photo 5. She still has the bushy brows in photo 5 yet does not look quite as harsh. This is because her tan is not as ridiculously dark and blotched. I like Paula better without the harsh tan.

In photo 6 you can see Paula coming into her own. Her look is more conservative and a tad boring, yet she looks softer and more attractive nonetheless. She looks younger and softer than the photos in the 4 phase.

Photos 7 and 8 are examples of Paula at her best! She really looks great with her softer look and makeup. In photo 7 she has tamed down her eyebrows a bit which – the brows are drastically different from 5 to 7. Her eyes might actually look prettier in photo 5!

Photo 8 is just superb. With the softer hair, lighter skin color and sexy outfit Paula proves that with the right fashion, makeup and hair she can look totally stunning. Photo 8 is wonderful. She looks soft, youthful and in style. For Paula, the soft hair, soft makeup, more natural yet groomed brow, lighter skin tone and alluring clothes make all the difference in the world. She looks great.

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