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Makeover Sarah Jessica Parker

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This celebrity makeover follows actress Sarah Jessica Parker. She transformed herself from what some considered ugly to a glamourous trendsetter and clothing fashionista from the famed show Sex and the City.

Sarah Jessica Parker is a wonderful makeover example as she went from rather ordinary looking (some people even called her ugly) to knowing how to play up her look as she became more famous. This Hollywood celeb looked like a typical teen when she was younger, as shown in pre makeover photos 1 and 2. She had bushy unruly eyebrows, a prominent long nose, a large mole on her chin, and a long face. Her permed kinky poodle hair style of the time was of no help either!

Parker started lightening her hair to a heavy streaked blond with roots look easly on as can be seen in photographs 4 through 8 in various blond strengths. She also went through straight as a pin blow dried phases as shown with the flip hair style in 9 and classic light brown in picture 9. Her hair didn’t really match her face quite as well when ultra blond as shown in 7 and especially 8.

Sarah’s fashion style evolved right along with her hair and makeup. In photographs five and six, she donned the infamous loud and trendy Sex in the City style she was known for. Some of her dresses and outfits were truly absurd and downright tacky during the era of that TV show. Yet they defined her spunky character Carrie Bradshaw. She became more Hollywood sheek as time went on. As you can see in picture 11, Sarah looks wonderful in a sexy bronze/gold dress posing on the cover of Marie Claire magazine. She really hits her stride in that hot dress, and her hair and makeup look wonderful too.

Looking at the pictures of Parker’s hair style, she has evolved to a style that is part wavy part straight. This is the perfect union of her early kinky and straight hair styles. The corkscrews are pretty but without 100% neat and clean apparel and makeup corkscrew curls can look a bit sloppy. Pin straight on the other hand elongates her face. As you can see in 10 and 11, her soft sexy waves with some control to them give her that sexy look but at the same time retains some sophistication and polish to the style. Its age appropriate.

Sarah Jessica Parker really learned how to revamp her makeup habits over time as a celebrity. No doubt its to the credit of her stylists yet still it would seem she changed her makeup around to best suit her face. She went from not enough makeup, to obnoxious bright makeup, to subdued sunkissed golden makeup. The golden toned look suits her. She over time began to play up her eyes with enhancing brown shadow and strong black eyeliner and marcara to make the eyes pop. Its dramatic how much that combination of strong eyes paired up with the more natural lip helps her look. She keeps her lips way more natural than she used to when platinum blond. It’s a nice look that is complemented by still natural looking yet tweezed down and shaped eyebrows.

All in all Sarah Jessica Parker went from ordinary girl to knowing how to enhance her looks to the max. She seems to have remained fairly natural in the plastic surgery department too. She may have had judicious rhinoplasty as her nose seems thinned down somewhat. Nonetheless her nose retains the original core look, only it looks nicer. Pics 9, 10, 11 show her at her best as she moves towards tousled supermodel hair in a skin complimentary light brown color with golden highlights. It looks like she removed the mole. Beauty moles look nice on some women but in her case the removal makes her look more polished and cleaned up. She really did a number on her self make over and it is a job well done.

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